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Be Careful What You Wish For

Party girl Molly has seen friends marry but loves the single lifestyle. Lately, though, she’s been wishing it was her turn to catch the bouquet. And suddenly there are two contenders.

No one has ever made her feel quite the way Fionn McCullagh did – until he ruthlessly fractured her heart. Now he’s back in Dublin with a reunion in mind. And then there’s Hercules, the Greek wine god in the off-licence, a distraction from Fionn’s charms.

Meanwhile her best friend, Helen, has never let anything disrupt the perfect order of her life – from her CD collection to her emotions. But now she’s fallen headlong in love, only she daren’t admit it. For this is a secret love so dark it could make her a social outcast…even to Molly.

Molly and Helen make their wishes, but they need to be careful, because what they wish for might be exactly what they get…